Enzymatic Liposuction

enzymaticlipo_nubodymtyWOW. Like to achieve an effect like Photoshop, in a very short time?. This is the answer, it’s like a lipo but without surgery, the results are amazing and long lasting. Enzyme Treatment combines 3 enzymes: Lipase, Hyaluronidase and Collagenase; That work in: BODY area to eliminate localized fat, cellulite and flaccidity. It is injected and is personally performed by Dr. Susana. From the 3rd session the change is incredibly noticeable, so much that you can not believe it. On average 5 to 10 sessions, but this number may vary according to each particular case, the number of sessions is determined after the assessment appointment. If you have not yet achieved that “beach body” you are still in time. Schedule your review, at NuBody®!

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