What is enzymatic liposuction and how does it work?

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If you want to completely avoid a surgical procedure like liposuction, but looking for a way to get the same results, and most importantly: in a very short time, Enzymatic Liposuction is your choice. You will notice results from the first application!

It consists of the application of a mixture of three enzymes within the adipose tissue. The number of sessions to be scheduled varies in each patient, with an average of 5 to 10 sessions, but usually you will see exceptional results from the third session.

Its great advantage is that it allows you in a short time, to reduce those well-defined areas of localized fat, with a non-invasive procedure, that achieves a natural reduction without generating flaccidity of the tissues, plus it can be use in all sectors of the body.

While it is not an “economic” procedure, the investment is worth it once the results are verified.

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